Exhaust Ventilation CollectionAir


CollectionAir  designed as a device series for ideal combination with SoftlyAir series . The CollectionAir is an exhaust fan for installation in the wall or ceiling. For each fan, a hole has to be drilled in the wall or ceiling, through which a connection to a ventilation duct leading outwards can be established. The outside opening must be covered by an appropriate grille. The CollectionAir can be linked up either to a remote control or to an internal control module offering a wide range of control options: a timer, humidity sensor, motion sensor or a combination thereof. The optional modules can be installed on initial CollectionAir installation or at a later date. The CollectionAir X has a casing classed as IP X4. It is assigned to IEC Protection Class II (double insulated electrical appliance) and can be installed in Zone 3 (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and workplaces). The fan must not be installed close to a source of heat, for instance near a radiant heater or in a location where the temperature can exceed 40°C.

                                                       Note: Some of the pictures contain optional accessories

Product advantages

Timer Adjustable overrun time (2 - 45 mins, pre-set at 20 mins); On/off via an external switch (e.g. a light switch).

Humidity Relative humidity level adjustable from 40 - 90%, overrun time 2-45 mins. (the module is pre-set at 60%).

  • Low Fan sound level  35 dB(A)
  • Air Volume  up to 68 m³/h
  • Flexible Controller available with optional:
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Timer

Smart CollectionAir 

CollectionAir designed as a device series for ideal combination with SoftlyAir series The units are designed for ventilating living rooms, wet rooms and kitchens pursuant to DIN 18017 Part 3. There are optimized in combination with their use is limited to the described use cases and only in association with the recommended components listed in this document. Other usages are not permitted. The system is unsuitable for extracting smoke or drying buildings, for rooms containing aggressive and/or caustic gases or extreme levels of dust. To guarantee the fault-free and safe use of the system, it is vital to ensure appropriate transport and storage, professional planning and installation, as well as proper operation and maintenance. Modifications and reconfigurations of the unit / system are not permitted. The use of accessories which have not been officially recommended is not allowed and will lead to a loss of warranty. Before beginning with the installation, the positioning of the units needs to be properly planned. During planning, installation and operation, all relevant requirements, building and fire protection regulations and accident prevention regulations are to be complied with. In the planning phase, details need to be checked with the respective chimney sweep or ventilation expert.

Product advantages

  • Designer device room cover
  • Optimal for retrofitting
  • Air Volume  up to 100m³/h
  • Multi flexible mounting posibilities