AiolosAir Our Story

Nature gives human all sources of energy to live in comfort. However, energy resources are not unlimited. Sustainable civilization can be obtained with natural resources with innovative products. Innovation itself is also hidden in nature. Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Four elements of nature is recovering energy from each other continually.

AiolosAir® get inspired from nature to develop high energy efficient products, with clever energy recovery solutions, in Centralized and Decentralized applications. We apply our wide range of products and solutions in industrial or commercial buildings or as well as your living house to ventilate, cool and heat the air by transferring energy from nature or recovery of energy from exhaust air which we release to nature.

AiolosAir® dedicated itself to develop and manufacture;


      Energy efficient

      Easy to select

      Easy to manufacture

      Easy to install and start-up

      Plug and Play fully controlled


HVAC equipments.

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