are designed by AiolosAir® also fully controlled with plug & play feature!

Aiolos Air is manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly centralised ventilation and air conditioning products. We bear responsibility for healthy and comfortable air treatment. One of the most important philosophy of AiolosAir® centralised ventilation products are highest energy efficiency with smart applications. We supply 100% fresh air by decreasing energy cost. Because of our international orientation, wherever your project is, whatever your climate requirements are, we find the right solution. Important for AiolosAir® is a close communication during the planning of your project. We accompany our partner and costumer while the whole process. Centralized ventilation units from AiolosAir® represent the latest technology with high energy efficiency and design quality. Centralized ventilation units from AiolosAir® are perfect for air exchanging and for removing excess humidity as well pollutants in the air. The smart design of products, as well as the flexible application possibilities of controlled room ventilation with or without compressor DX cooling and/or heat pump 

 application, you are opening up a whole new planning perspective. 

Benefits for the investor

  • Increasing human comfort with highest fresh air to prevent sick building effect
  • Decreasing energy cost with high energy efficiency
  • Package type plug & play solution decreasing installation and start-up costs
  • No need to increase initial investment cost in most cases.
  • Remote monitoring and control of the unit to follow up current and historical energy consumption.
  • Reduce maintenance cost by preventive maintenance service offered by AiolosAir® .
  • Ecco friendly products increase your building value.

Benefits for user

  • Improvement of living comfort through maximum fresh air supply
  • Preventive protection against sick building effect
  • Improving quality of life through clean and conditioned fresh air
  • The intelligent control system enables flexible, user-related operation
  • The system can be integrated into the existing ventilation system

Benefits of installation

  • Simple calculation and installation
  • Reduce installation cost thanks to package all in one design
  • Simple to install in new construction and renovation buildings possible
  • Fast commissioning thanks to "Plug & Play" solution
  • Thanks to additional DX Cooling and/or heat pump option, no additional chiller or boiler is needed dependent to application.

Benefits in planning

  • High planning reliability through expert advice and planning support.
  • Simple design without pipework calculation dependent to application
  • Optimum operating conditions and efficient system technology
  • Perfect also for easy retrofit installation
  • High flexibility of air volume and mechanical cooling and/or heating in a package type all in one unit, thanks to high performance EC plug fans and inverter scroll compressors
  • Reduce time for consulting tailor made AHUs.

Products and Systems