are designed by AIOLOSAIR® also the most flexible and best for silent and cozy atmosphere! 

One of the most important philosophy is a maximum on product flexibility. Because of our international orientation, wherever your project are, what ever your climate requirements are, we find the right solution. Important for AiolosAir®  is a close communication during the planning of your project. We accompany our partner and costumer while the  whole process. Decentralized ventilation units from AiolosAir® represent the latest technology with high architectural freedom degree and  design quality. Decentralized ventilation units from AiolosAir® are perfect for air exchanging and for removing excess humidity as well pollutants in the air. The modular design of our sound absorbing devices, as well as the flexible application possibilities of controlled room ventilation with  or without heat recovery and the highest efficient sound insulation, you are opening up a whole new planning perspectives.The unique AiolosAir® technology with its numerous of mounting methods allows the implementation of very compact ventilation solutions to the complete integration within exterior walls, with invisible air guidance.Independent international test certificates attest our soundproofing 

ventilation the highest passive sound insulation (up to 70 dB, Dnew) and ensure a demand-oriented air exchange according to German DIN 4109 and 1946-6

Benefits for the investor

  • Increasing the user comfort increases the attractiveness of real estate (effective purchase decision)
  • preparing or subsequent core drilling openings permits cost installation of the devices
  • Simple achieve planned Energy efficiency class by an effective reduction of ventilation heat losses
  • Avoiding damage resulting from moisture secures long-term asset preservation

Benefits for user

  • Improvement of living comfort through optimum fresh air supply
  • preventive protection against moisture through continuous humidity monitoring to preserve the building substance
  • tested sound absorbing protects against traffic noise / protects the privacy
  • Improving quality of life through clean and preconditioned fresh air
  • Filtered, pollen-free air gives allergy / asthma alleviation
  • The devices increase burglary protection (windows closed)!
  • The intelligent control system  enables flexible, user-related operation
  • concealed mounting (e.g. in the reveal) allows a homogeneous object Integration
  • the system is continually expandable and can be integrated into the existing ventilation system
  • No air ducts required [cost and space saving]- optimal hygienic operating conditions 

    Benefits of installation

    • simple calculation and installation, has no ventilation ducts required 
    • no pipe connecting the devices to each other
    • Small wall openings (Ø165 mm) required - No static problems!
    • Low upfront investment in object business through the use of a rough construction assembly sets.
    • Simple change to another series at any time for the same indoor / outdoor optics.
    • Simple to install in new construction and renovation buildings possible
    • Fast commissioning thanks to "Plug & Play"

    Benefits in planning

    • High planning reliability through expert advice and planning support.
    • simple design without pipework calculation
    • Maximum flexibility in device placement 
    • optimum operating conditions and efficient system technology
    • Perfect also for easy retrofit installation

    The international trend towards the introduction of energy-saving regulations strengthens the requirements for energy efficiency for both new buildings and for renovated buildings. A  high efficient insulation of the building, e.g. built according to Green Building Standard, accompanied by tight sealed building shells. Decentralized ventilation units take over in addition to the heat recovery also out a substantial contribution to the reduction of fine dust and allergens in the interior from the outside air and filters beforehand. Decentralized ventilation units from AiolosAir® are therefore perfect for air exchanging and for removing excess humidity as well pollutants in the air. They are therefore an important part of a healthy indoor climate and at the same time an active and sustainable contribution to environmental protection . The decentralized ventilation system Family  of AiolosAir® is already adapted to the typical room sizes in residential construction. Depending on the definition of air quality comfort conditions, a device for room sizes 10-25 m² can be regarded as average. Little installation effort enables low installation costs and accurate cost planning. Air ducts for transporting the air are not required for decentralized devices. Complicated pipe network calculations while planning may be omitted as well as comprehensive maintenance and cleaning work on the canal system after commissioning. In addition to the typical application in housing construction, student residences and senior centers, is the use of WRG Plus devices in hospital bed rooms, doctors' offices, office buildings, schools and kindergarten, in particular to ensure the basic ventilation in particularly tightly sealed buildings. To ensure the minimum air exchange for protection against moisture, especially recommended ... The advantages of decentralized ventilation technology are obvious - we support you in the realization of your project!

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